Spotlight – Heated Driveway

When a customer in Westport, Connecticut wanted to heat her driveway, she called DaVinci Pavement Design. After sizing up the job, DaVinci consulted with Warmzone to obtain radiant heating cable tracks long enough to adequately accommodate her driveway. One set of tire tracks, 2-feet wide and 77-feet in length were then installed under asphalt to heat the entire residential driveway. The project was a success, according to one very pleased customer: “The DaVinci crew was very professional and quick to respond to our needs as it was late fall.The heated tire tracks make leaving and arriving at our home very safe and convenient. The snow melting system works great!”

Warmzone is intent on seeing that its radiant heat products and services meet or exceed customer expectations; and partnerships with reputable radiant heat installers like DaVinci are key to ensuring that Warmzone customers receive outstanding custom radiant heating solutions. Warmzone found the perfect partner in DaVinci Pavement Design. The family-owned and operated Connecticut business is an accredited level platinum designer and installer for stamped asphalt, StoneBond and ThermoPlastic, and a member of the National Pavement Contractors Association.

DaVinci designs and installs decorative paving products with all of the benefits of ordinary asphalt and concrete; products that are durable, forgiving, cost-effective and safe. These extraordinary asphalt and concrete surfaces make any sidewalk or driveway more appealing, elegant and long-lasting. Unlike a more traditional asphalt and concrete supplier, DaVinci offers customers numerous pattern and color choices, as well as design solutions in stamped asphalt, StonePave-resin bound, and concrete overlays. And when DaVinci adds radiant heat to these beautiful surfaces, it means that you get a snow melting system that features the best in design and functionality.

DaVinci also promotes Warmzone radiant heating solutions to increase safety under pavers or set in asphalt and concrete for their customers. Because of the durability and integrity of the products they use, including Warmzone radiant heat cables, DaVinci customers realize a significant long term savings over other products. DaVinci’s dedication to their customers to deliver cost-effective, creative, quality asphalt and concrete solutions is a great opportunity and an excellent example of how Warmzone partners with contractors to showcase their many radiant heat solutions.

It’s also an excellent example of how contractors, large and small, are benefiting from the industry-leading radiant heat products and expertise Warmzone provides. Warmzone’s professional designers can evaluate your radiant heat system requirements and match the optimal radiant heat solution for your project, then create a detailed CAD of your system layout. You’ll know the electrical requirements, technical specifications and system performance expectations before your heat cable is installed, so there are no surprises post installation.

In addition to driveways, Warmzone offers radiant heating systems for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including heated roofing and flooring solutions. Call a Warmzone radiant heat expert (888-488-9276) to learn about the systems and options available for you.