Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Commercial Business

Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Commercial Business   Concrete Contractors

If you’re a business owner then you probably feel a great deal of pride when it comes to your business and you are probably very keen on doing everything you can to make sure that your commercial space looks its best. What’s crucial though is to make sure that you are directing your energy in the right way and that you’re not wasting any of your time. Many people will attempt to get the most out of their business by doing everything they can to help it excel, but will miss out some of the most important points. Sometimes it’s the small and unexpected changes to your property that can make the really big differences, so if you run a business it’s critical to make sure you aren’t missing out on these small changes. Here we will look at some little things that can make all the difference to your business and that won’t take all that much time or effort from you.

Door Handles

They say that ‘first impressions are last impressions’ and in many cases this is true. The point is that if you fail to make a good first impression, you may end up affecting the way that your customers and clients see your business. Case in point: door handles. If your door handles aren’t polished and clean then your customers might feel uneasy about touching them – which is a pretty bad first impression for anyone to have!


This is a small change but it can make all the difference. If your business is commercial in nature and you have people coming in to your premises to view your products/use your services, then the temperature can drastically effect whether they want to stay there or not. Worst case scenario if it’s too cold or too hot you can end up driving people away from your business and prevent them from wanting to spend any time there.

On the other hand though, there are some situations where you might want to make the temperature unpleasant. Theatre companies for instance will often keep their temperatures lower in order to prevent their audiences falling asleep. Fast food joints meanwhile don’t want their customers to get too comfortable as it can slow down their turnaround.


Many business owners forget the importance of keeping a clean and well-maintained floor. As one of the biggest surfaces in your property though, this is an important change that can drastically change the impressions your business leaves on visitors. This is particularly important if you are running a business that deals with food. Keep flooring that’s easy to maintain like polished concrete.


The temperature is one tool you can use to impact on the ‘psychology’ of your commercial space. Another is color, which can completely transform the way people see your business. Generally light colors are useful for making your premises look bigger and cleaner, though darker colors can actually be much easier to keep clean and thus might be preferable for restaurants.