Resin Bound Aggregate

Resin Bound Aggregate   Concrete ContractorsResin Bound Aggregate is a high performance, two-component, UV stable resin binder for use in resin bound paving over tree pits and in pedestrian areas. It can also be used close graded stone designed to take the loading from occasional light vehicles. This clear polyurethane resin has been formulated to achieve a binder with resilience and toughness with a degree of flexibility. It is supplied as either a single component together with a separate actuator or as 2 components.

Resin Bound Aggregate   Concrete ContractorsResin Bound Aggregate tree pits are truly aliphatic, will not yellow or degrade under ultraviolet light and are water permeable thus allowing water to pass through the coating to nourish tree roots.They are also environmentally friendly. Techset is applied to a solid base either macadam/asphalt or concrete at various depths, typically 16mm.

Typical applications include:

  • Footpaths
  • Parks
  • Pedestrianised centers
  • Shopping centers

Tree Pits

The Pit system is a resin bound natural paving system.

Environment/Pedestrian-Friendly Paving

Resin Bound Aggregate   Concrete ContractorsA fully resin encapsulated aggregate matrix creates a highly durable yet porous surface, which allows air/water to flow through to the Tree Roots while maintaining a safe pedestrian environment. It provides an attractive, easy to maintain surface with no loose stones, avoiding trip-hazards and build up of litter associated with traditional metal grilles. The open texture of the paving also allows trees to grow as the trunk expands. A wide range of aggregates are available, natural pea gravel stones, coloured marble including grey, green, black and pink and Recycled glass beads. Stone sizes of 5-10 mm are used to ensure a highly porous structure allowing water to freely permeate through to the tree roots.

Typical Construction

Create a sound base, approximately 5 inches in depth, 2 layers, 2-3” of free draining crushed stone well compacted and  50mm of resin bound tree pit paving finish.


Resin Bound Aggregate   Concrete ContractorsThis system may be used for both new and existing trees. All construction is undertaken by hand rather than mechanical means to avoid damaging the tree roots. Mixed on site and hand floated to a smooth hardwearing finish. Tree Pits are used to enhance the beauty of trees planted in urban areas and also to eliminate the litter traps that traditional gratings create. These decorative and practical tree pits also eliminate the problem of weeds.

Additional Information:

  • Highly permeable
  • Natural aggregate appearance
  • Resin-bound vandal resistant
  • No watering tubes needed
  • Recycled material
  • UV stable: All aggregates and glass will not fade
  • Resin will not yellow or become brittle
  • No loose stones and no cracking

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