What Are The Qualities Of An Ideal Commercial Floor?


Picking the right type of floor for a commercial application is a process that should not be taken for granted. The consequences of getting it wrong are often significant, and include having to spend a lot of money on repairs. Making the right decision on what type of floor to pick is a process that has to be informed by a number of things, including a clear understanding of what the floor will be exposed to. Floors such as the epoxy flaked flooring tend to be ideal for use in such situations since they provide the following:

A higher ability to withstand repeated mechanical stresses

Commercial floors are repeatedly exposed to various stresses. This could be due to the high human traffic as well as the exposure of the floor to large weights. A floor that is not meant to be used in such an environment will quickly develop various defects including cracks. The epoxy flaked flooring is usually strengthened, and can bear these stresses for long without having to have any significant structural damage.

A reduced need for frequent maintenance

Other types of flooring might need various types of maintenance on a regular basis. For instance, stone floors might have to be sealed and polished in order to retain their sheen. In a commercial setting, this can sometimes be very inconvenient, since it might mean disrupting traffic flow across the floor in order to get this done. Apart from cleaning, an epoxy flaked flooring needs very little else in terms of maintenance, which makes it one of the most ideal choices in such a setting.

A solid aesthetic appeal

In many cases, a floor used in a commercial setting needs to have a lot of aesthetic appeal. In an office, for instance, the floor might need to merge with the rest of the interior design in order to make it have a more pleasing effect. This is often necessary in order to give clients the confidence of working with you. In addition to that, it can also make the office a more pleasant place to work in, which will directly influence the productivity of your staff.

This is yet another aspect in which the use of an epoxy flaked flooring makes a lot of sense. When bought from the right vendor, these types of floors tend to be very pleasing to the eye. It’s also possible to get them in a variety of colors, making it easier to make it match the interior you have in the office.

The ease of cleaning

In a commercial setting, cleaning should ideally be quick and simple. This affects the cost of cleaning, as well as the inconvenience that the occupants of the facility will need to go through in order to permit the cleaning. The nature of epoxy flaked flooring is such that it can quickly and easily be cleaned, ensuring that both of these aspects will not be interfered with.

In summary, when making a decision on what type of floor to get for a commercial facility, it’s important to factor in all the above. Doing so will make it apparent that an epoxy flaked flooring is one of the best choices you can make.