Polished Concrete

Commercial flooring completed in Polished ConcreteHardscape Design by DaVinci no longer polishes concrete floors. We have found that our past customers are not really happy with the end product. With polished concrete all the imperfections come through and are very hard to hide with dyes and stains.
Imperfections such as cracks and ghosting – thats the seams from the old tiles come through, thus ghosting is always there. Polished concrete must be waxed numerous times a year with a professional buffer.


Superior Durability and Performance

Polished Concrete flooring in a retail storeHardscape Design by DaVinci has had much more success with offering our clients epoxy flooring with urethane sealers and micro finished flooring for a beautiful granite-marbleized surface. Even homeowners are catching on to the appeal of these smooth, high-luster floors, which can be stained to replicate the look of polished stone.
There are examples where the concrete flooring is in such bad condition that a concrete overlay would be needed to achieved a more uniform look. The examples may be cracks, holes in the concrete floors, uneven surfaces and mastic/glue. In those examples concrete repairs would be installed and then a concrete overlay applied thus giving you a brand new surface to work with. With this brand new surface, grinding is not needed and a micro finish surface can be applied for a granite-marbleized appearance, very beautiful with warm and depth. Servicing countries in, Fairfield, Lichfield, New Haven and Middlesex CT.
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