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Homeowners and Developers   Concrete Contractors

Why Asphalt?

Our asphalt technology enables you to enjoy the effect of real stone or brick driveway designs, but with additional advantages you just can’t get with real brick, stone or concrete pavers.

Flexible Pavement:
Stamped asphalt is a Flexible Pavement design that holds up to the Northeast weather, has no expansion joints and is UV Stable.

Continuous Surface:
Stamped asphalt is a continuous surface that repels vegetation growth. Our stamped asphalt coatings are made with a 2-part epoxy based formula especially made for asphalt. This 2 part epoxy based coating gives the asphalt a greater protection against weathering of rain and sun which ages the asphalt.

Easy Maintenance:
Stamped Asphalt surfaces are easily repaired if damaged. Maintenance is at a minimum.
Stamped asphalt surfaces are resistant to De-icing salts and coastal salt air.

Elaborate Patterns in Asphalt:
Patterns are stamped into the asphalt surface, 3/8 inch diameter. Numerous patterns and designs to choose from. This can be done quickly and easily. Also, endless colors to choose from as well.


Homeowners and Developers   Concrete Contractors


Design and Function

Homeowners and Developers   Concrete Contractors

We can transform most asphalt surfaces into unique and attractive designs that enhance the overall image of your landscape project. Our design technologies combine unprecedented flexibility with cost-saving practicality. Our affordable and easy-to-install paving products free up valuable resources for high-profile design components such as sculpture and plants.

Dress-Up Your Asphalt Driveway

Our products produce realistic-looking brick, slate, stone and other design effects directly onto an asphalt/concrete base. Cost advantages over alternatives such as brick, stone or stamped concrete are significant. Quick installation, durability, easy maintenance and design flexibility makes it the product of choice for many projects. Combining the flexibility and strength of asphalt with leading-edge coating technologies and unique heating equipment to specialized coatings, our components are designed to work together to provide a superior surfacing solution that lasts.


  • Entrance/ Aprons
  • Roadways / Driveways
  • Raised Medians
  • Walkways and Bikeways within the Developments
  • Custom Thermoplastic logos for your Development
  • Heated Surfaces
  • Custom Pool Surface Designs

Heated Outdoor Systems

Info and images coming soon!

Concrete Restoration and Custom Designs

Concrete Overlay Resurfacing products are polymer modified cements. They are much stronger than regular concrete and are used to resurface existing concrete. Used for interior and exterior surfaces, from the basic restoration to a very custom design of your own. Great for numerous applications, very durable and the design options are endless.

Homeowners and Developers   Concrete Contractors

Homeowners and Developers   Concrete Contractors

Homeowners and Developers   Concrete Contractors

Overlays can be created in almost any color, pattern or texture:

  • The overlay creates a chemical and mechanical bond with the substrate
  • Overlays are great for any concrete surface such as
  • garages, warehouses, basements, pool decks, patios and driveways
  • Resurfaced concrete tends to be cooler to the touch – nice on hot pool decks
  • Sealed which protects them from salts, stains, grease and wear
  • Old pitted and worn concrete can be resurfaced for a fraction of the cost of replacement


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