Some Health and Safety Considerations for Commercial Businesses That Are Easy to Overlook

Some Health and Safety Considerations for Commercial Businesses That Are Easy to Overlook   Concrete Contractors

If you run a commercial business with a premises that is attended by members of the public, then not only is this an important space for selling and promoting your goods, but it’s also an important responsibility. When a customer comes into your store, restaurant or hotel they are then in your care and anything that happens to them is really down to you. As such it’s crucial to make sure that you maintain your property well and observe health and safety carefully – not only for the sake of morality, but also because any accident on your premises could be very costly for your reputation.

Chances are that you know this at least on the face of it, and you’re probably familiar with many of the common tips for improving health and safety at your place of work.

The problem though, is that many of the most effective changes are somewhat less obvious and often involve much smaller tweaks that make a huge amount of difference. Read on and we’ll look at some small changes you can make to your premises that will considerably reduce the number of accidents.


When you think of health and safety you often focus on moving ‘dangerous’ items out of the way and avoiding trip/slip hazards. This is only one aspect of health and safety though and often it’s less obvious culprits that cause the damage.

For instance if you have a big advertisement in your place of work then this could actually be a surprisingly dangerous feature. Why? Because if your visitors are looking at that while walking around, it could cause them to trip, to walk into someone else, or to otherwise cause an accident.


The width of aisles is also a very important factor in ensuring your property is safe. That’s because too many people trying to fit down too narrow a lane can end up crushing each other or having an accident in other ways. Simply widening these aisles slightly then can make a big difference.


Even if there’s nothing on your floor to trip people over, it is possible sometimes for the floors themselves to cause people to fall over. This is possible for instance if your floor is wet, so avoid using materials that are too polished or shiny. It’s also possible if the floor has potholes or cracks in it which can cause people to trip. This is actually a very good reason to get a heated driveway using underfloor heating. This way the floor will stay warm, thus preventing ice and potholes.

‘Traffic Lanes’

Traffic lanes are the routes through your spaces that most people will tend to take. An example of a traffic lane then might be the route from one door to another for example. Anything that someone could bump into in a traffic lane then is a serious hazard and should be avoided – for instance if you have a table corner jutting out in the way of your traffic lane then that’s something you should definitely move.