Prepare for Next Year’s Cold Season Now

With the onset of summer, we often turn our thoughts to home improvement projects, and after being pounded by snow last winter, electric snow melting solutions should be at the top of our list. Radiant snow melting systems are designed to make the winters much more bearable. Radiant heat is a perfect solution for heating our driveways, walkways, roofs and gutters, even our floors. It is relatively inexpensive to install, fully automated and maintenance-free. No shoveling required.

Winter storms can wreak havoc on homes and business structures. Last winter was undeniably brutal for those on the East Coast. Two blizzards hit in less than a week, leaving the most populated areas under more than a foot of snow. Even snowplows in the nation’s capital were advised to stay off of the roads. The second of two storms left up to 16 inches in parts of Maryland. Reagan National Airport outside Washington had nearly 10 inches of snow, and Baltimore got nearly a foot; all on top of totals of up to three feet in some places from the previous storm. In February, Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia reported surpassing previous snowfall records by 72.3, 54.9 and 70.3 inches, respectively.

“I’ve seen enough,” says one resident in Arlington, Virginia, according to the Associated Press in February. “It’s scary and beautiful at the same time. I wanted to shovel but thought if I had a heart attack it could be a while before anyone found me in this kind of weather.”

Radiant Heated Snow Systems

Extreme winter weather conditions don’t have to paralyze every aspect of your life. Unlike more traditional, less reliable methods of snow removal, radiant heat is a practical application that can improve and preserve what are arguably your most valuable assets, your home, and your quality of life:

Heated Driveways

Radiant heat cables can be retrofitted to any driveway surface, are relatively cheap and maintenance free. Compare that with the inherent cost of damage sustained by plowing or salt to your lawn and your concrete.

Roof Deicing

Roof deicing systems are an optimal solution for melting ice and snow from roof eaves, valleys, or entire roofs. They effectively stop prolonged ice damming that causes moisture to seep through roofing materials into the roof decking before finding its way inside, damaging ceilings, walls and floors.

Radiant Heated Floors

You may consider heated floors a luxury. In reality, they are easy to install, room specific and radiate heat from the floor up, through objects in your room more efficiently than forced air systems. Because they are fossil fuel independent, you may realize a big savings on your energy bill.

Now that the warm temperatures are here to lift our spirits, winter’s chill may seem like a distant memory, our thoughts shifting to gardening and home improvement projects. Employing a little forward thinking by investing in a radiant heat snow melting system now, will take the sting out of the inevitable transition to winter weather.

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Are You Ready?